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[These newsletters are copyrighted by the editors, Phyllis Budka and Bernice Izzo, and reproduced here with their permission. HTML versions will follow.]

February 2014PDFSurnames include Chmielowiec, Tys and Urbanski
April 2014PDFSurnames include Chmielowiec, Giniecki and Grubala
June 2014PDFSurnames include Giniecki, Jaskiewicz, Partyka and Zych
September 2014PDFSurnames include Grubala, Szulinski and Taberski
November 2014PDFSurnames include Grubala, Korycinski, Ralbovsky and Sefcovic
January 2015PDFSurnames include Gzyms, Szulinski and Urbanski
April 2015PDFSurnames include Budzich, Borek, Kornacka and Kowalczyk
July 2015PDFSurnames include Borek, Gajewski, Jakubczak and Kornacka
October 2015PDFSurnames include Grubala, Jakubczak and Kornacki
January 2016Part 1 and Part 2 PDFSurnames include Bartkowski, Gajewski, Jakubczak, Korycynski and Tys
April 2016PDFSurnames include Budka, Jakubczak, Kornacki and Urbanski
Feb 2014 — Oct 2015PDFSurname index to issues through Jul 2015
July 2016PDFSurnames include Brozyna, Byster, Jendzeizyk, Kornacki and Zych
October 2016PDFSurnames include Byster, Giniecki, Korycynski and Pawlowski
January 2017PDFSurnames include Brzozowski, Byster, Jendzeizyk and Kornacki
April 2017PDFSurnames include Brozyna, Budka, Byster and Kornacki
Oct 2015 — Apr 2017PDFSurname index to recent issues
July 2017PDFSurnames include Bochenek, Kornacki, Zych
Oct 2017PDFSurnames include Chmielinski, Kornacki and Zbikowska
Jan 2018PDFSurnames include Gorzynski, Kornacki and Rybicki

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