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Bond of the Aldermen of Schenectady, 1766

[This information is from pp. 368 of Annals of Albany, Vol. I by Joel Munsell (Albany, NY: J. Munsell, 1850). It is in the Reference Collection of the Schenectady County Public Library at R 974.743 M96.]

The following is printed from the autograph copy, found among the Vrooman papers, of a bond given by the Aldermen and assistants of Schenectady, in 1766 to carry out certain measures in case of their being sworn into office. The orthography and capitalizing of the original is preserved throughout:

Know all men by these Presents, That wee John Sanders Caleb Beck Abraham Fonda Joseph R. Yattes, John Glen Junr. & Ryer Schermerhorn Esqrs. Ellected aldermen for the Borrough town of Schenectady, and Henry Glen, Nicolas Van Petten, John Visger Junr. Abm. Wemple, Nicholas DeGraaf, & Andries Truax Gentlemen Ellected Assistants for said Borrough, are Jointly & Severally held & firmly bound unto Isaac Vrooman & John Duncan Esqrs. of said Borrough in the sum of Five hundred Pounds Current Money of the Province of New York to be paid to the said Isaac Vrooman & John Duncan for which Payment well & truly to bee made wee hereby bind ourselves severaly & Joinly firmly by these Presents Sealed with our Seals dated this 5th. day of Decr. 1766, in the Seventh Year of His Majestys Reign.

The Condition of this Obligation is Such That if the above Bounden Aldermen & assistants as above, Shall do well & truly Qualify in their respective Offices as aldermen & assistants for the Borrough of Schenectady within Eight days after the Governor Grants a New or additional Charter for the said Borrough with the Alterations or Amendments to the Present Charter of the following Articles Vizt. That the Boundarys of the Corporation shall be extended according to letters Pattent dated Novr. 6th. 1764, And that the Aldermen shall not be for life, but that they shall be Ellected Yearly or Every three years, as the Governor shall be pleased to Grant, And that none of the inhabitants of said Borrough shall be Oblig'd to take out a License for there Wagons but to use them at there will and Pleasure And that the Children of the Freeholders and free men give a Certain Sum Not Exceeding Six Shillings for there freedome then this Obligation to be Void and of no Effect otherwise to remain in full force.

Sealed and Delivered in the presence of us

Signed Sealed & delivered by Jno Glen Junr. for Ryer Schermerhorn, in Presence of us

Signed Seald & Delivered in the Presence of us

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