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Schenectady County, New York: Its History to the Close of the Nineteenth Century
Chapter XXIV: Genealogy of the Vrooman Family

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[This information is from pp. 237-242 of Schenectady County, New York: Its History to the Close of the Nineteenth Century by Austin A. Yates (New York: New York History Co., 1902). It is in the Schenectady Collection of the Schenectady County Public Library at Schdy R 974.744 Yat, and copies are also available for borrowing. Thanks to Carol Di Crosta for data entry help with this page.]

Of the Vrooman family we have given the record of Adam and his sons, Barent and Walter. The rest of the lineage of this distinguished and remarkable man is as follows:

Adam Vrooman was married three times. First, in 1678, to Engeltie, daughter of Harman Janse Ryckman; second, in 1691, to Gretje Ryckman, his first wife's sister, and widow of Jacques Cornelise Van Slyck; thirdly, January 13th, 1697, to Grietje Takelse Heemstret in Albany. His descendants are very numerous, extending far and wide throughout the Union, but mostly settled in the Mohawk and Schoharie valleys. He had nine sons and four daughters, most of whom survived him.

Barent, his oldest son, born in 1679, was carried captive to Canada in 1690. He married, June 18th, 1699, Catrina Heemstreet of Albany. He had a brewery on the north side of Union Street, near to or upon the present crossing of the New York Central and Hudson River Railroad. He lived on the north corner of Centre and State Streets. He died in 1746, leaving one son, Adam, and one daughter, Engeltie.

Wouter married, September 24th, 1707, Marytje, daughter of Isaac C. Hallenback of Albany. He died October 26th, 1756, leaving several children, of whom I can only particularize that his son Adam, born in 1708, married June 29th, 1742, Susanna, daughter of Jacob Swits. Adam, in 1757, lived in the ancient brick house at the Brandywine Mills. He died July 30th, 1759, aged forty-three years.

Isaac, son of Wouter, born November 13th, 1712, married, in 1744, Dorothea Van Boskerken of Bergen, N. J. He was a surveyor, judge of the court of common pleas, member of the provincial assembly in 1759, and member of assembly under the first state constitution in 1779, and died June 1st, 1807, on his farm at the Brandywine Mills.

Barent, another son of Wouter, born December 24th, 1725, married, January 12th, 1760, Alida, daughter of David Van Der Heyden of Albany. He became minister of the Dutch church, at Schenectady in 1754, and died November 16th, 1784. His widow died in 1833, aged ninety-nine years.

Engeltie, a daughter of Wouter, born June 12th, 1709, married Cornelius Veeder.

Dorothea, another daughter, born October 5th, 1714, married Gillis Truax.

Rachel, another daughter, born May 31st, 1724, married, first, Abraham Wemp, secondly, Abraham Fonda.

Elizabeth, another daughter, born May 7th, 1732, married Abraham Switz.

Pieter, the third surviving son of Adam, born May 4th, 1684, married, February 2d, 1706, Grietje, daughter of Isaac Van Alstyne of Albany. He settled with his father on what was called Vrooman's Land in Schoharie. He died in 1771, having seven sons and five daughters. Pieter was the ancestor of all, or nearly all, the Vroomans living in Schoharie, Otsego and Montgomery Counties.

Barent, a son of Pieter, born February 19th, 1709, married Engeltie, daughter of Teunis Swart; he died in 1782, leaving surviving six sons and three daughters.

Engletie, a daughter of Pieter, born May 18th, 1713, married David Ziele.

Gertruy, also a daughter of Pieter, born September 3d, 1725, married Josias Swarts.

Catharina, also a daughter of Pieter, born Marhc 29, 1728, married Johannes Lawyer.

Hendrick, son of Adam, (commonly called Captain Hendrick), born in 1687, married Maria, daughter of Barent Wemp. He was boss of the carpenters who built the Second Dutch church of Schenectady in 1732, at seven shillings per day. This building was erected in the center of Church street, at the intersection of Church and Union Streets.

Barent, oldest son of Hendrick, born January 15th, 1710, married Volkie, daughter of Jan Barentse Wemple. After his death, in 1746, his widow married Jacob Alexander Glen, and lastly, she married Johannes Simonse Vrooman. Barent left but one child, called Angelica, born June 17th, 1747.

Adam, second son of Hendrick, born April 2d, 1716, married Anna, daughter of Abraham Mebie, February 7th, 1740. He removed to the banks of the Mohawk above Amsterdam, and left several children surviving him.

John, third son of Hendrick, born April 4th, 1719, married Jannetje, daughter of Jacob Swits, November 26th, 1757.

Hendrick, son of Hendrick, born August 4th, 1722, married Neeltie, daughter of Peter Veeder, and left two children, Pieter and Maria.

Maria, a daughter of Hendrick, born October 14th, 1705, married Isaac Swits.

Volkie, another daughter, born March 29th, 1725, married Isaac Jacobus Swits.

Jannetje, also a daughter, born 1779, married Simon Van Patten.

Bartholomew, another son of Adam, born December 22d, 1700, married, October 7th, 1738, Catharina, duaghter of Cornelius Slinger and widow of Hendrick Van Slyck.

John, son of Bartholomew, born January 13, 1745, married March 28th, 1767, Margarita, daughter of Seth Vrooman.

Engeltie, a daughter of Bartholomew, born September 3d, 1742, married Johannes Clute.

Gezina, also a daughter, born April 1st, 1746, married Albert Mebie.

Seth, another son of Adam, born January 7th, 1705, married first, Gertruy Van Patten; second, January 25th, 1745, Eva, daughter of Jesse DeGraff.

Adam, son of Seth, born March 5th, 1754, married first Engeltie, daughter of Simon Schermerhorn, by whom he had two daughters; one, his daughter Alida, born December 24th, 1774, married Josias Swart. He died March 30th, 1852. His older daughter, Hiligonda, born October 27th, 1776, married Caleb Van Vorst. She died March 25th, 1858. Adam married second, Nancy Van Vranken, sister of our old deceased citizen, Maus Van Vranken, by whom he also had two daughters. The oldest, Angelica, married Harman Bradt, the youngest, Harriet, married Daniel Barringer.

Jacob Meese, another son of Adam, born July 3d, 1707, married "Sara," a daughter of Myndert Mynderse, October 30th, 1742, seems to have left no issue.

Christina, the oldest daughter of Adam, born October 18th, 1685, married Teunis Swart; Maria, another daughter of Adam, born September 1, 1699, married Douw Fonda.

Eva, also a daughter, married Joachim Kettlehuyn.

Janneltie, another daughter, married March 26th, 1704, Captain Harman Van Slyck.

John, the second and youngest son of Hendrick Meese and brother of Adam, married July 4th, 1680, Geesje, daughter of Simon Vedder. He lived on the site of the depot of the New York Central and Hudson River Railroad; he died in 1732, having had ten sons and six daughters, of whom the greater number survived him.

Simon, the oldest son of Jan, born February 25th, 1681, married Eytje (Margaret), daughter of Jacob Delamont. He bought, in 1710, of William Appel, the lot lying on the west side of the canal, between State and Liberty Streets, the property belonging to the estate of John Jacob Vrooman, deceased. Simon left two sons, John and Jacob, and two daughters, Catharina and Maria. Jacob Vrooman, born April 5th, 1763, was the grandson of Simon, and married Amy Hicks, the widow of Peter Rowe, who had died April 20th, 1806.

Peter, son of John, born October 10th, 1688, married in 1716, Agnietje, daughter of Arent Vedder. He was killed at the Beukendahl massacre in 1748. He left surviving him several sons and daughters.

Hendrick, son of John, born September 9th, 1690, married, October 1718, Engeltie, daughter of Cornelius Slingerland. In 1723 he owned a lot on the east corner of State and Washington Streets, forty-five feet by 190 deep, which passed to his son Cornelius, who sold it to Samuel Arentse Bratt.

Cornelius, son of Hendrick, born February 4th, 1722, married Margarita, daughter of Samuel Arentse Bratt, December 16th, 1753.

Simon, son of Hendrick, born in 1740, married August 14th, 1767, Margaret, daughter of Jacques Peek. They left several sons and daughters.

Gezina, a daughter of Hendrick, born September 7th, 1719, married Simon Johannes Veeder.

Eva, another daughter, born September 24th, 1724, married Johannes Pieterse Van Antwerpen.

Jannetje, also a daughter, born November 3d, 1727, married Jellis Fonda.

Maria, another daughter, born January 30th, 1732, married Ahasueras Marcellis.

Jacob, another son of Jan, born December 28th, 1698, married October 17th, 1725, Maritje, daughter of Abraham Groot. His house lot was on the north side of State Street at the crossing. Being a carpenter, he was sent by Sir William Johnson to Onondaga, to build a fort for the Indians. He died April 20th, 1774.

John, his son, born Jauary 8th, 1726, married Clara, daughter of Hendrick Van Slyck. Hester, a daughter, married Jacobus Heemstreet. Rebecca, another daughter, married Arent Marselis. Gessie, also a daughter, married Peter Steers.

Maria, a daughter of Jan, the brother of Adam, born October 31st, 1696, married Gysbert Van Brakel.

Jannetje, also a daughter, born July 3d, 1682, married Arent Bratt.

Engeltie, also a daughter, born December 22d, 1692, married Jan Ryer Schermerhorn.

Catharina, also a daughter, born May 12th, 1701, married Jacob Mebie.

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