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Schenectady County, New York: Its History to the Close of the Nineteenth Century
Chapter XXIV: Genealogy of the Marcellus / Marselis Family

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[This information is from pp. 248-250 of Schenectady County, New York: Its History to the Close of the Nineteenth Century by Austin A. Yates (New York: New York History Co., 1902). It is in the Schenectady Collection of the Schenectady County Public Library at Schdy R 974.744 Yat, and copies are also available for borrowing. Thanks to Carol Di Crosta for data entry help with this page.]

Gerrit Marcellus, the right and original spelling of this name of the Spanish conquest, and who will be remembered as the Marselis whose wife and child were killed in the massacre, left no descendants in Schenectady that can be discovered from record. Ahasueras, his brother, came here in 1698, and was a cordwainer. As he had descendants in the Colonies and Revolutionary wars, his lineage is here given.

Gerrit Marselis, son of Janse Marselis of Albany, married Bregie Haus in 1687, and the same year came to Schenectady. He, with his wife and one child, was killed in the massacre of February 9th, 1690. One child, named Myndert, was saved, and was living at Schenectady in 1709. He married Fitje Oothout of Albany, May 23d, 1713. They had all three sons and four daughters. This is yet a well known name in Schenectady.

Ahasueras Marselis, brother of Gerrit, above named, moved to Schenectady in 1698. In 1697 he married Sara, daughter of Takel Heemstreet of Albany. He was by occupation a cordwainer.

John, oldest son of Ahasueras, was born June 26th, 1698. He married, January 12th, 1725, Sara, daughter of Class DeGraff. He was a merchant, and owned the house and lot No. 23 Front Street. He must have died before 1753, for his widow then occupied the property.

Ahasueras, the oldest son of John, born June 26th, 1726, married, January 1st, 1749, Maria, daughter of Hendrick Vrooman.

Henry, a son of Ahasueras, born May 25th, 1753, married Cornelia Pootman, December 1st, 1793. He died August 12th, 1821. She died January 3d, 1837. He lived on the north side of Front Street, on the lot now occupied by his granddaughter, Mrs. J. W. Harman. Henry Marsellus left only one child, Maria, who married Hon. Richard McMichael, for the term of four years a senator of the State of New York.

Nicholas, a son of Ahasueras, born August 15, 1766, married, September 14th, 1788, Matilda, daughter of Isaac Rosa. He died August 12th, 1848, aged eighty-two years.

John A., another son of Ahasueras, born June 8th, 1777, married, January 5th, 1800, Catharina, daughter of Jacob Schermerhorn. He died October 12th, 1845, aged sixty-eight years, leaving no issue. He was a Quaker, beloved by everybody, and died deeply regretted by all.

Sarah, a daughter of Ahasueras, married, October 9th, 1763, William Lighthall.

Angelica, also a daughter, married Harmanus H. Van Slyck.

Class, another son of John, Sr., cordwainer, married, April 30th, 1757, Lena, daughter of Dirk Merselis. He is said to have been killed by lightning in 1766, while crossing the Mohawk River in a canoe.

John, oldest son of Class, born January 27th, 1760, married Catharina, daughter of Isaac Vrooman. He lived on Ferry Street, directly opposite of the Episcopal church, and died December 15th, 1833.

Nicholas, his oldest son, born March, 1792, was a minister of the Reformed Dutch Church, and married Jane, daughter of Colonel Henry R. Teller.

Laurence, another son of John, born February 23d, 1795, was living until recently, and was a very much respected gentleman in Montgomery County.

Elizabeth, a daughter of John, born November 27th, 1785, married Jacob J. Clute.

Lena, another daughter, born December 11th, 1789, married Silas Andrews, a publisher, of Hartford, Connecticut.

Sarah, also another daughter, born September 12th, 1800, married Rev. Aaron A. Marselis.

Nicholas, a son of Class, born September 14th, 1766, married April 17th, 1795, Sarah, daughter of Petrus Clute. He died November 28th, 1845, aged seventy-nine years. She died March 28th, 1872, aged ninety-four years, five months, twenty-one days. They had children.

Dirk, born May 6th, 1797, died September 11th, 1832.

Peter, born June 3d, 1801, father of Richard Marselis, Esq., of Schenectady.

Helena, born August 22d, 1806, died young.

Catharine, born January 22d, 1811, married Jacob F. Clute, Esq., of Schenectady; died April 12th, 1846.

John, born November 2d, 1816, who recently died and who, with much attachment, occupied the old homestead on Front Street.

Dirk, second son of Ahasueras, Sr., born January 5th, 1700, married, July 26th, 1726, Lysbet, daughter of Jan Baptist Van Eps.

Helena, Dirk's daughter, born March 4th, 1732, married Class Marselis.

Catharine, another daughter, born February 15th, 1736, married Pieter Clute.

Gysbert, also a son of Ahasueras, Sr., born June 4th, 1704, married, May 31st, 1730, Elizabeth, daughter of Arent Van Antwerpen.

Arent, oldest son of Gysbert, born November 26th, 1732, married December 23d, 1758, Rebecca, daughter of Jacob Vrooman.

Captain Ahasueras, also a son of Gysbert, born April 12th, 1740, married, September 1st, 1765, Hester, daughter of Nicholas Visscher of Niskayuna.

Takel, another son of Gysbert, born January 1st, 1709, married, March 16th, 1738, Jacomyntje, daughter of Jan Baptist Van Eps.

Isaac, also a son of Gysbert, born June 29th, 1723, married, August 5th, 1748, Sarah, daughter of Wouter Swart. He was a merchant.

Sara, a daughter of Gysbert, born June 9th, 1734, married Jacobus Van Sice.

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