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Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs:

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[This information is from Vol. II, pp. 882-884 of Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs, edited by Cuyler Reynolds (New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1911). It is in the Reference collection of the Schenectady County Public Library at R 929.1 R45. Some of the formatting of the original, especially in lists of descendants, may have been altered slightly for ease of reading.]

The name Streeter and Streete are common in the south of England, particularly in the counties of Kent and Surrey. The names are probably of common origin. The American ancestor of the Streeter family of America came from Gondherst, Kent, as shown by evidence that seems conclusive.

(I) Stephen Streeter, progenitor of that branch of the Streeter family herein recorded, is first of record at Gloucester, Massachusetts, 1642. The date of his arrival in New England is unknown, but probably was about 1639 or 1640. He was a householder in Gloucester in 1642, and in 1644 is found at Charlestown, Massachusetts, where he was called in the record Steeven Streete, under which name he took the freeman's oath May 29, that year. March 21, 1652, he and his wife Ursula united with the church. He was a shoemaker by trade. He died 1652, his will being dated June 12 of that year. He married Ursula Adams, said to have been the daughter of Henry Adams, of Braintree, who had a daughter Ursula, but that she was the wife of Stephen Streeter is open to reasonable doubt. She bore him seven children. Ursula Streete married (second) Samuel Hosier, of Watertown, who died July 29, 1665: (third) William Robinson, of Dorchester, Massachusetts, (fourth), July 16, 1673, Griffin Crafts, who survived her. Children of Stephen and Ursula Streeter:

  1. Stephen (2), see forward;
  2. Sarah, was under eighteen in 1642, when her father's will was made;
  3. Samuel, was living June 18, 1669;
  4. John, a soldier in King Philip's war, 1675;
  5. Hannah, born November 10, 1644;
  6. Rebecca;
  7. Mary, born after her father's death, in 1652.

(II) Stephen (2), son of Stephen and Ursula Streeter, died in Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1689. He inherited from his father one-half the Charlestown homestead, which he sold in 1679. He had lived in Charlestown, Watertown, Muddy River (now Brookline), and in Cambridge. Nothing more is known of his personal history. He married Deborah ————, who was admitted to the church in full communion at Cambridge, July 13, 1700. She survived her husband, and married (second) August 10. 1704, Samuel Sears, of Wrentham. Children:

  1. Stephen (3), born July 20, 1667, at Watertown;
  2. Sarah, October 2, 1669, at Watertown;
  3. Samuel, see forward;
  4. John;
  5. Rebecca, September 3, 1683;
  6. Deborah, September 25, 1685, died April 7, 1689, at Cambridge;
  7. Joseph, September 18, 1687, died October 22, 1736;
  8. Benjamin, November 25, 1689, died April 23, 1690.

(III) Samuel, son of Stephen (2) and Deborah Streeter, died at Framingham, Massachusetts, 1752. He had probably removed from Cambridge to Attleboro about 1706, where the town records show purchases between the years 1706-1707. In the latter year he bought land in Sudbury; later the records show him to be at Framingham. He made his will April 23, 1751, probated September 16 following. He married (first) Deborah ————, who died November 13, 1708. He married (second) Mercy ————, who was probably a widow Howe, as in the codicil of his will mention is made of her daughter, Elizabeth Howe. Children:

  1. Mary, baptized February 2, 1691; married Sewell Streeter, a kinsman;
  2. Sarah, baptized February 2, 1696; married John Evans;
  3. Stephen, baptized September 4, 1698, died in Douglas, September 22, 1756;
  4. Samuel (see forward);
  5. Mercy, baptized May 14, 1704, married William Healy;
  6. Susanna, baptized April 28, 1706, married ———— Dillon;
  7. Joseph, born May 10, 1708, died October 22, 1736;
  8. Deborah, married Jedediah Belknap, of Framingham;
  9. Elizabeth, married Ebenezer Frissell.

(IV) Samuel (2), son of Samuel and Deborah Streeter, was baptized at Cambridge, January 7, 1699, died in Charlton, Massachusetts, June 7, 1763. He was of Hopkinton in 1745. He was one of the organizers of the town of Charlton, to which place he removed about 1754 and died there. At the first meeting, held March 12, 1755, he was elected "tything man" of the new town, and his son Samuel one of the surveyors of highways. He married, July 27, 1719, Experience, born April 23, 1703, daughter of Nathaniel Haven, and granddaughter of Richard Haven, of Lynn, Massachusetts, who came from England to America about 1645. Children:

  1. Joseph born August 3, 1719, in Hopkinton.
  2. John, October 23, 1723, died November 28, 1756; married Elizabeth Gleason.
  3. Rebecca, January 7, 1725, died young.
  4. Experience, baptized April 15, 1728; married David Allen.
  5. Samuel, see forward.
  6. Rebecca, baptized November 24, 1732, in Hopkinton.
  7. James, October 13, 1734, died about 1801. His name appears on the record as "Sargeant" on a muster roll of fifty-four men from Rindge, New Hampshire, who went to Cambridge under Captain Nathan Hale on the Lexington alarm, April 19, 1775; married Susanna Slopee, September 15, 1757.
  8. Susanna, baptized February 4, 1736; married Nathaniel Gleason, January 2, 1755.
  9. Daniel, baptized March 23, 1739; in his will, proved July 5, 1814, he names wife Mary.
  10. Jonathan, born July 2, 1741; married Abigail Vinton, of Dudley, Massachusetts.
  11. Mercy, born 1743.

(V) Samuel (3), son of Samuel (2) and Experience (Haven) Streeter, was baptized at Hopkinton, Massachusetts, July 9, 1730; settled at Sturbridge, where he married, May 9, 1753, Joanna Morse. Children, all born in Sturbridge:

  1. Joanna, August 24, 1754, died in infancy.
  2. Samuel, twin of Joanna; was one of the original settlers of Plainfield, Massachusetts; served in revolutionary war, and for his services subsequently received a pension; married Bathsheba Barton.
  3. Daniel, October 22, 1756, died September 1, 1792; married Comfort Streeter, a kinswoman.
  4. Rebecca, June 25, 1759.
  5. Asa, see forward.
  6. David, October 12, 1765; removed to Waterbury, Vermont, where he died; married Elizabeth Roach.
  7. Chloe, May 27, 1767.
  8. Deliverance, January 12, 1772.
  9. Nathan, April 30, 1774, died November 27, 1846.
  10. Keziah, March 31, 1778, died August 19, 1796.

(VI) Asa, son of Samuel and Joanna (Morse) Streeter, was born in Sturbridge, Massachusetts, July 31, 1762, died in Cummington, Massachusetts, December 16, 1821. He was of Plainfield and Cummington, Massachusetts. He married (first) May 3, 1785, Polly Bolton, born 1760, died December 31, 1794; (second) June 22, 1795, Hannah Cotton, of Johnstown, New York, born July 16, 1763, died April 15, 1850. Children by first marriage, born in Plainfield:

  1. Delia, June 5, 1786, died December 4, 1853; married Ebenezer Campbell; eight children.
  2. Sylvina, born October 28, 1787, died December 27, 1821, unmarried.
  3. Simeon, born September 17, 1789, died October 9, 1851; married (first) Lucinda Joy; (second) Rachel Harlow; (third) Elizabeth Warner.
  4. Abraham, July 4, 1791, died in childhood.
  5. Asa, July 9, 1793, died in infancy.

Children by second wife, Hannah Cotton:

  1. Augustine (see forward).
  2. Keziah, born September 19, 1801.

(VII) Augustine, son of Asa and Hannah (Cotton) Streeter, was born in Plainfield, Massachusetts, February 24, 1799; died May 7, 1853, at Cummington, Massachusetts. He married, September 6, 1827, Wealthy Packard, born November 18, 1802, died June 9, 1874. Children, all born in Cummington:

  1. Henry A., April 3, 1830; married Jane Tirrell, January 28, 1858; children: William H., E. Rolden, Emily F., Almond P., George E., Mary I., Edward B., Franklin R., Ward L., Hattie M., Florence, Howard.
  2. George Austin, born April 19, 1832; resided in Johnstown, New York; married March 25, 1858, Hannah G. Anthony; children born in Johnstown: Anna, Mary, Flora Wealthy, George Leueus, Sarah, Alice.
  3. Charles Cotton, born April 15, 1834, married May 11, 1859, Sarah Hallock; children, all born in Cummington: Nellie K., Arthur H., Charles W., Albert R., Stella Georgiana, Theodore Warren.
  4. Keziah, born April 3, 1836, died November 10, 1855.
  5. Lucius Leonard (see forward).
  6. Leueus, born August 16, 1839, died November 6, 1865.

(VIII) Lucius Leonard, fourth son and fifth child of Augustine and Wealthy (Packard) Streeter, was born in Cummington, Massachusetts, August 10, 1837, and was reared on his father's farm. He was educated in the public schools and under private tutors. He remained at the home farm until 1865, when he removed to New York and settled in Johnstown. In the same year he formed a partnership with his brother, George A. Streeter, and until 1893 they were associated in the milling business. They built and operated a grist mill, and conducted a wholesale and retail flour, feed and grain business, under the firm name of G. A. Streeter & Brother. In 1893, George A. retired from the firm, his place being taken by Lucius P. Streeter (2), when the firm name became L. L. Streeter & Son. About three years later Jacob Burton Streeter, second son of Lucius L., was admitted to the firm, thereafter known as L. L. Streeter & Sons. In addition to the business in Johnstown the firm has a branch in Gloversville and conducts an extensive business in their special line. Mr. Lucius Leonard, Sr., gratifies his inborn love of the soil by conducting a small farm near Johnstown, which furnishes him both recreation and pleasure. He is a member of the First Presbyterian Church of Johnstown, which he served for many years as elder. He is an ardent advocate of temperance and a strong believer in constitutional prohibition, and casts his ballot for the candidates of the Prohibition party. He is deeply interested in historical and genealogical research, and is president of the Johnstown Historical Society and the recently appointed custodian of "Johnson Hall," the ancient historical residence of Sir William Johnson. He married, November 22, 1864, Catherine A. Burton, born December 12, 1835, daughter of Jacob and Maria (Green) Burton. Jacob Burton was twice married. By his first wife, Maria Green, he had:

  1. Margarett, married J. E. Wells.
  2. Catherine.
  3. Susan M., married James Parish; children: Margaret, married Andrew Minchert; Edward; James, married Louise Bennett; John; Burton; Elizabeth, married Edward Wells; Paul Parish.
  4. Sabra Jane, married Charles E. Briggs; children: Charles E., Archibald and Sabra.

By his second wife, Elizabeth Wells, he had:

  1. Amy, married W. J. Sageman; children: Louise, married Fay Wood; J. Burton, married Sophie Hirsch.
  2. Elizabeth, married W. W. Wood; child: Elizabeth, married John E. Hayes.
  3. Sarah, married J. W. Green; children living: George W., William, James W., Elizabeth.
  4. Jacob, married Alice Cottrell; children: Clara and George.

Children of Lucius Leonard and Catherine A. (Burton) Streeter:

  1. Kate, born April 18, 1866.
  2. Lucius Packard, September 11, 1868; a partner of L. L. Streeter & Sons, grain merchants of Johnstown; married, January 19, 1891, Addie Vosburgh, and has a daughter, Mildred, born September 29, 1891.
  3. Jacob Burton, November 1, 1871; partner of L. L. Streeter & Sons; married, May 28, 1903, Coral Abrams; children: Catherine and Mary.
  4. Maria G., October 20, 1873.
  5. Amy, October 30, 1877.

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