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Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs:

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[This information is from Vol. II, pp. 932-933 of Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs, edited by Cuyler Reynolds (New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1911). It is in the Reference collection of the Schenectady County Public Library at R 929.1 R45. Some of the formatting of the original, especially in lists of descendants, may have been altered slightly for ease of reading.]

In France, during the reign of Napoleon "the Great," lived a young Frenchman by name Machold, whose patriotism and devotion to the "Little Corporal," later his beloved Emperor, led him into the French army. Following his chief beyond the borders of his own land, he found himself at last in southern Germany. Here he received his discharge either by expiration of term, or on account of wounds. He journeyed homeward, until in Saxe Coburg he met a German maid whom he married. They lived in the little town of Alstead, which was ever afterward their home. They reared a family and it is of his descendants that the Machold family of Amsterdam descend. One of their sons married a German girl and died at age of seventy. Unfortunately the given names of these forebears were not preserved; however, to the second generation, was born a son who is the foundation of the following genealogy and the father of Bernard Machold, the well-known builder of Amsterdam, New York.

(I) George Nicholas Machold was born on the farm settled by, and in the house built by his soldier grandfather, previously mentioned. He was reared on the farm and worked there until arriving at a suitable age to learn a trade. He went to an adjacent city, where he apprenticed himself to a weaver. He became very skillful, as all work done at that time was by the hand method. It is told of him that a famous piece of his handiwork was a beautiful table cloth, into which he had skillfully woven plates, properly placed around the cloth and beside each plate had woven knives and forks. The cloth when spread, would appear like a well appointed dinner table. He prospered and became possessed of some farm property, which he cultivated all of his active life. He, like his forefathers, was a Lutheran in religion, and a good man as well as an industrious, skillful artisan. His wife was a German by birth, native to the province in which they lived. She died when her son was very young and he rarely heard her name.

(II) P. Bernhard, son of George Nicholas Machold, after the death of his mother, was left to the care of his father by whom he was reared and educated. When a young man, he entered a trades school, where he acquired a thorough knowledge of the builder's art, and became a skilled mason. He travelled extensively over different parts of Germany, working at his trade and increasing his knowledge of constructive masonry. In 1868, following a sudden impulse, he sailed for New York, where he arrived in due time. He did not long remain there, but removed to Albany, where he spent his first year in the United States, working at his trade. He next went to Johnstown and in 1869 permanently settled in Amsterdam, New York. In 1870, believing the opportunity had come to establish himself in business, he began contracting mason work and buildings in his own name. He was a skillful, honest builder, and it was not long until his success was assured. So firmly was he established that contracts for the largest and best of the city's construction were given him. He has built five of the largest churches in Amsterdam, also the library building and scores of the best business blocks and private residences in the city. He accumulated a sufficient competence to enable him in 1905 to retire to his comfortable home on MacDonald street, where in a quiet, unassuming way he is enjoying the fruits of his industry. He is one of the trustees of the Savings Bank. He has been succeeded in business by his sons, C. Bernard and Walter, who are worthy successors. Mr. Machold is a loyal, upright citizen of his adopted state and city, Independent in politics, yet of strong opinions; he seeks no office, yet shirks none of the duties or responsibilities of a good citizen. He was a member of the board of sewers for some time, and is a present member of the water board. All public service rendered by him has always been loyally performed for the best interests of the city. He is a Free Mason, and a member of the German Lodge of Odd Fellows. He married, 1871, Madia, born in Hesse-Cassel, Germany, February 24, 1851, died May 28, 1901, daughter of George Mellmen, who emigrated to the United States prior to the rebellion, but returned to Germany, where he died. His wife, Barbara, came to Amsterdam, where she died at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. Machold, aged seventy-two. She and her husband were Lutherans. They had a son who served in the Union army during the civil war. Bernard and Margaret (Mellmen) Machold are the parents of eight children:

  1. Frederick, born October 11, 1872; succeeded to the teaming and trucking department of his father's business; married Lulu Brown, of Amsterdam, and has children: Mildred, Gretchen, Ruth, Barnard, George and Ralph.
  2. William, 1874; conducts a hotel at Minersville, New York. Married Theresa Nurmberg and has a son William.
  3. C. Bernhard, educated at Cornell University; unmarried and lives at home; his father's successor in the mason and building business.
  4. Edmund, a successful farmer of Jefferson county, New York; married Jennie Ward, and has Earl and Doris, twins.
  5. Frank, a mason, associated with his brother in Amsterdam; married Vadie Heinie, and has Peter and Dorothy.
  6. Walter, unmarried, resides at home; a partner with his brother, C. Bernard Machold.
  7. Lillian, a graduate of Amsterdam high school.
  8. Laura, student at high school. Mr. Machold and family attend and most of them are members of the German Lutheran church.

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