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Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs:

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[This information is from Vol. I, pp. 72-74 of Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs, edited by Cuyler Reynolds (New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1911). It is in the Reference collection of the Schenectady County Public Library at R 929.1 R45. Some of the formatting of the original, especially in lists of descendants, may have been altered slightly for ease of reading.]

The American ancestor of this fine old Dutch family, famed in the early and subsequent annals of the Hudson Valley, was Gerrit Frederickse (termination se has force of son), son of Frederick Lansing, of the town of Hasselt, in the province of Overyssel. The name is found in the early records as Lansingh, Lansinck (Lansinck family has different coat-of-grins. See De Rietstap's Armorial Bearings — the De Brett of the continent) — and Lansing. They settled early in the Hudson (later in the Mohawk) Valley, where they had large land grants and were traders, farmers and mechanics. One of the family, Abraham J., had land granted him along the Hudson, on which he founded the town of Lansingburg, now a part of the city of Troy, New York.

(I) Gerrit Frederickse Lansing came to New Amsterdam with three sons and three daughters, all born before leaving Hasselt, and settled in Rensselaerwyck, probably about 1650. The date of the death of Gerrit Frederickse Lansing, the emigrant ancestor, is only determined as being prior to October 3, 1679, as on that day his children made a joint conveyance of property, supposedly as heirs of the father. Children:

  1. Gerrit, see forward.
  2. Johannes, married Geritje Van Schaick, widow of Hendrick Coster.
  3. Hendrick, married Lysbeth ————.
  4. Altje (Alida), married Gerrit Van Slichtenhorst.
  5. Gysbertie, married Hendrick Roseboom.
  6. Hilletje, married Storm Van Der Zee (Bradt).

(II) Gerrit, son of Gerrit F. Lansing, was born probably in Hasselt, Holland. He married Elsje, daughter of Wouter Van Wythorst. Children:

  1. Gerrit (3), married Catherine Sanders Glen, August 21, 1692.
  2. Abraham, born 1663, married Magdalena Van Tricht, November 28, 1703.
  3. Johannes, born January 1, 1675, died August 10, 1771, aged ninety-six years, seven months, ten days; married Helena Sanders, September 20, 1704.
  4. Susanna, married Mattys Nack, July 24, 1698.
  5. Isaac, born May 14, 1677; married Janetje Beeckman, June 27, 1703.
  6. Jacob G., see forward.
  7. Myndert, unmarried.
  8. Wouter, baptized August 12, 1683.
  9. Elizabeth, baptized January 20, 1689, died September 1730.

(III) Jacob G., son of Gerrit and Elsje (Van Wythorst) Lansing, was born in Albany, June 6, 1681, and died there December 6, 1767. He built a house in 1710 at the corner of North Pearl and Columbia streets, Albany, known as the "Pemberton House," where all his children were horn. He married, about 1710, Helena, baptized November 21, 1683, daughter of Jacob Sanders and Catherine (Van Witbeck) Glen. Children:

  1. Gerrit J. see forward.
  2. Jacob J., a revolutionary officer, commanded a regiment at the battle of Stillwater, New York; was a captain in the "Middle Forty" at Schoharie, when it was attacked by Sir John Johnson and the Indians under Brant; married Marytje Egberts, November 6, 1742.
  3. John J., married (first) Rachel Lievens, August 14, 1741, (second) Cathalina Van Schaick, October 20, 1744, (third) Catharina Schuyler, about 1747.
  4. Catharine, married (first) Abraham Lansing, about 1742, (second) Abraham Douw, November 23, 1761.
  5. Abraham, married Elizabeth Cooper, May 20, 1744.
  6. Isaac.
  7. Sanders J., died unmarried, April 3, 1807.
  8. Elsie and Isaac, twins; Elsie, died April, 1730; Isaac married Annetje Van Woert.

(IV) Gerrit J., son of Jacob G. and Helena (Glen) Lansing, was born in Albany, New York, and baptized March 4, 1711. He married (first) November 29, 1734, Maria, daughter of Johannes and Barentje (Pruyn) Everts, born October 8, 1713, and buried January 27, 1741. Children:

  1. Jacob G. (2), married (first) Neeltje Roseboom, March 14, 1767, (second) Femmetje (Frances) Lansing, August 28, 1774.
  2. Maria, died in infancy.
  3. Alida, died in infancy.

He married (second) about 1748, Jane, baptized April 12, 1728, and died March 2, 1810, daughter of John and Sarah (Winne) Waters. Children:

  1. John, died in childhood.
  2. John, Jr. (2), baptized February 3, 1755. The last seen of him was December 12, 1829, on the pier where the steamboats left for Albany, walking towards the boat on which he intended going to Albany. (See "Lives of the Chancellors.") He dined with his father-in-law, Robert Ray, just before his disappearance in New York City. He was a very prominent public man and his death caused a deep sensation. He studied law with Robert Yates, afterward chief justice of the state, and also with James Duane in New York. He served under General Philip Schuyler in the revolutionary war, being Schuyler's military secretary at Saratoga, and was a distinguished member of the convention that conducted the civil and military operations of the state. Soon after he was appointed mayor of Albany, and in 1787 was with Chief Justice Yates and General Hamilton delegated by the state as member of the convention which framed the constitution of the United States. On his return he was appointed a judge of the supreme court and later to the high position of chancellor of the state. He married, April 8, 1781, Cornelia, daughter of Robert and Sarah (Bogart) Ray of New York City. She died in Albany, January, 1834.
  3. Abraham G., see forward.
  4. Gerrit G. (known as Gerrit of Oriskany), baptized November 4, 1760, died May 27, 1831. He entered the revolutionary army at the beginning of the war and served until its close. He led a forlorn hope at Yorktown and was a distinguished and gallant officer. He was a colonel in rank. He married Maria, daughter of Colonel Edward Antill. She died at Utica, New York, August 24, 1834.
  5. Sarah, born June 22, 1763, married Barent Bleecker.
  6. Sanders G., (the G. for Gerritse was only used when he was a boy to distinguish him from an uncle, Sanders Lansing), was born in Albany, June 17, 1766; educated to legal profession in Albany and Claverack schools; was register and master in chancery in Albany; removed from Albany to Little Falls in 1820; in 1821 was a delegate to draw up new state constitutions; 1821-28 was county judge of Herkimer county, New York; afterward supreme court judge; died in Manheim, New York, September 19, 1850; married, December 10, 1789, Catharine, daughter of Abraham and Annatje (Lansing) Ten Eyck.

(V) Abraham G. [Portrait with signature: original size (32K) | 4x enlarged (154K)], son of Gerrit J. and Jane (Waters) Lansing, was born December 12, 1756, died May 15, 1834. He married, April 9, 1779, Susanna, daughter of Abraham and Anetje (De Ridder) Yates, born August 18, 1762, died February 1, 1840. Children:

  1. Jannetje, born February 18, died unmarried, November 3, 1830.
  2. Abraham, died young.
  3. Gerrit Y., born August 4, 1783, died January 3, 1862; he held many positions of honor and trust in the city and county of Albany. He was in early life private secretary to Governor Morgan Lewis, clerk of the assembly, and judge of probate. He represented the district in the twenty-second, twenty-third and twenty-fourth congresses of the United States. He was elected a regent of the State University to succeed ex-President Martin Van Buren. He married, May 31, 1808, Helen Ten Eyck, born June 13, 1787, died June 25, 1838.
  4. Cornelius De Ridder, born November 17, 1785, died September 1849.
  5. John, died single.
  6. Antje, died young.
  7. Sanders, born April 15, 1792, married Angelica Schuyler, in 1821.
  8. Christopher Y., see forward.
  9. Susan, married Peter Gansevoort, December 12, 1843, died October 28, 1874.
  10. Anna, born January 26, 1799, married Rev. Walter Monteath; died January 20, 1830.
  11. Sarah B., born September 5, 1802, died unmarried.
  12. Barent Bleecker, married Philanda Orcutt.
  13. George, married Harriet Schermerhorn.
  14. Abraham Y., born September 8, 1808, and died November 24, 1857; married Eliza Van Alstyne, April 26, 1836.

(VI) Christopher Yates, eighth child of Abraham G. and Susanna (Yates) Lansing, was born May 27, 1796, died in Albany, August 29, 1872. He was a leading lawyer of Albany. He married, October 27, 1829, Caroline Mary Thomas, born March 23, 1805, died April 29, 1845. Children:

  1. Jane Anna;
  2. John Thomas, died unmarried, April 14, 1880;
  3. Abraham (see forward);
  4. William, married October 17, 1867, Caroline A. McClellan;
  5. Edwin Yates.

(VII) Abraham, third child of Christopher Yates and Caroline M. (Thomas) Lansing, was born in Albany, New York, February 27, 1835, died October 4, 1899. His academic education was received in the schools of Berkshire county, Massachusetts, and at the Albany Academy. He entered Williams College, where he was graduated with the degree of A.B., class of 1855. He decided to follow the profession of law, and entered his father's office for study and instruction. He was graduated from the Albany Law School in 1857. He at once advanced to the front rank and in a short time was looked upon as a leader in his profession. In 1868 he was appointed city attorney of Albany, and in 1869 was made the first supreme court reporter. While in that position he published the first seven volumes of the supreme court reports. In 1874 he was appointed by Governor Dix acting state treasurer, and in 1876 he was chosen corporation counsel for Albany. In 1882 he was elected state senator for Albany county, receiving the largest majority ever given a candidate for that office. While in the senate he was actively identified with the passage of the act establishing the State Railroad Commission and the law providing for the establishment of a state park at Niagara Falls. He was interested in other lines of activity outside his political and professional duties. He was a director of the National Commercial Bank, trustee of the Albany Savings Bank, park commissioner of Albany, governor of the Albany Hospital, trustee of the Albany Academy, Albany Medical College, Albany Rural Cemetery, Dudley Observatory and the Fort Orange Club; a life member of the State Geological Society and other organizations and clubs. In his legal business Mr. Lansing had a partner, his brother William. He married, November 26, 1873, Catherine, daughter of General Peter (2) and Mary (Sanford) Gansevoort, (see Gansevoort). Mrs. Lansing survives her husband. She is a granddaughter of General Peter and Catherine (Van Schaick) Gansevoort.

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