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Schenectady County, New York Federal Census Schedules: 1810

This is the complete text of the 1675 entries in the 1810 U. S. Census for Schenectady County, New York. The page numbers are those stamped in the upper right corner of the microfilmed page. Because the schedule page number only changes on the top page, "Top half" and "Bottom half" have been added to make it easier to refer back to the microfilm.

A few corrections have been made for obvious misspellings, but otherwise the heads of families are as they were written. The original questions from and research tips about the 1810 Federal Census may be found at CensusFinder.

The present-day towns of Rotterdam and Glenville did not exist until 1820, and families from those areas are contained in the third and fourth wards of the City of Schenectady, respectively.

Thanks to Ann Kidalowski and Ida Lapi for transcription and data entry help with this project.

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