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Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs:

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[This information is from Vol. II, pp. 816-818 of Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs, edited by Cuyler Reynolds (New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1911). It is in the Reference collection of the Schenectady County Public Library at R 929.1 R45. Some of the formatting of the original, especially in lists of descendants, may have been altered slightly for ease of reading.]

Edward Sprague, a "fuller," resided at Upway, county of Dorset, England, where he died in October, 1614, leaving his sons and a widow, Christian. The sons, Ralph, Richard and William, "arrived at their own expense" at Salem, Massachusetts, in 1628-29. In 1629 the three brothers, who seem to have remained together, settled at Charlestown, Massachusetts. William was the youngest of the sons, and at the time of arrival at Salem was about twenty years of age. It is from him that the Spragues of Albany, who are herein considered, descend.

(I) William, son of Edward and Christian Sprague, was born in Upway, Dorset, England, and died in Hingham, Massachusetts, October 26, 1675. He was granted land in Hingham on "the playne" in 1636. He was selectman in 1645, and constable in 1661. He married, in 1635, Millicent, daughter of Anthony Eames. She survived him, and died in Hingham, February 8, 1696. Children: Anthony, John, Samuel, Jonathan, Persis, Joanna, Jonathan (2), William, Mary and Hannah, all except the first born in Hingham.

(II) Anthony, eldest son of William and Millicent (Eames) Sprague, was born at Charlestown, Massachusetts, June 23, 1636, died September 3, 1719. His home, the paternal homestead in Hingham, was burned April 19, 1676, by the Indians engaged in "King Philip's war." He was a farmer, and selectman of Hingham, 1688-92 and 1700. He married, December 26, 1661, Elizabeth Bartlett, died in Hingham, February 17, 1713. Children, all born in Hingham between 1663 and 1688: Anthony (2), Benjamin, John, Elizabeth, Samuel, Sarah, James, Josiah, Jeremiah, Richard and Matthew.

(III) Jeremiah, son of Anthony and Elizabeth (Bartlett) Sprague, was born in Hingham, Massachusetts, July 24, 1682, died March 5, 1759. He was a farmer, and always lived in Hingham "over the river." He married Priscilla Knight, died in Hingham, August 3, 1775, aged ninety years. Children, all born in Hingham between 1709 and 1728: Jacob, Knight, Priscilla, Jeremiah, Susanna, Mary, John, Nehemiah, Elizabeth, Deborah and Joanna.

(IV) John, son of Jeremiah and Priscilla (Knight) Sprague, was born in Hingham, Massachusetts, March 1, 1720, died April 1, 1801. He was a soldier in Captain Samuel Thaxter's company in the Crown Point expedition in 1775. He married, May 20, 1742, Margaret Webb, born in Hingham, September 5, 1723, died April 23, 1796, daughter of Peter and Margaret (Lincoln) Webb. Children, all born in Hingham between 1743 and 1764:

  1. Lucy, married, February 26, 1761, her cousin Knight (2), son of Knight (1) Sprague; he was one of the soldiers at Fort William Henry in 1757, when so many English and Americans were massacred by the Indians; Knight escaped, although partially stripped of his clothing, and was with Colonel Bradstreet the next year at the taking of Fort Frontenac, on Lake Ontario.
  2. Margaret.
  3. An infant unnamed.
  4. Webb.
  5. John, see forward.
  6. Mary, married, January 9, 1770, Isaac Tower.
  7. Joseph, a soldier of the revolution; married, May 16, 1779, Chloe, daughter of Jonathan Lane, and settled in Boston.
  8. Elijah, a "mariner."
  9. Thomas, removed to Boston.
  10. Grace, married, April 15, 1784, Daniel Souther.

(V) John (2), son of John (1) and Margaret (Webb) Sprague, was born in Hingham, Massachusetts, September 9, 1750. In "Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors of the Revolution," [perhaps Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors of the Revolutionary War] it is recorded that "John Sprague of Hingham" was a "private of Captain James Lincoln's (Independent) Company, enlisted May 13, 1775, service five months, eleven weeks, three days; company stationed at Hingham until January 1, 1776, for defence of Seacoast." He died in Westford, Vermont, where he passed the last twenty years of his life, dying in 1830. He was known as "Judge" Sprague, and both he and his wife were active Methodists. He was a Whig in politics. He married a Miss Stockwell, who survived him, nearly reaching her one hundredth year. Another descendant of William Sprague in the fifth generation, Jesse, married Esther Dexter, who lived to the great age of one hundred and three years, nine months and twenty-four days, retaining her mental and physical activity until the very last. Children:

  1. William, died young.
  2. Cyrus, married (first) Mary McQuevy; (second) Esther Steward.
  3. John (3), see forward.
  4. Irene, married Judge Daniel Macumber.
  5. Casledana (?), married and removed to the west.
  6. Sophia, married Silas Clark.
  7. Raxana, married ———— Clark, brother of Silas Clark.
  8. Mercy, married John Clark, another brother.

These Clark families were prominent farmers of Clarksburg, Massachusetts.

(VI) John (3), son of John (2) and ———— (Stockwell) Sprague, was born in Hingham, Massachusetts, about 1810. He moved to Burlington, Vermont, where he lived for several years; later he purchased a farm at Williston, Vermont, where his wife died, and he moved to Westford, Vermont, where he died. He took a prominent part in town and county affairs, and was a man well known and respected. He was a well-educated man, and an authority in the neighborhood. He married (first) Nancy Ketchem, born 1810, died 1838, daughter of David Ketchem, of Albany, New York, a prominent Methodist exhorter and local preacher. He was a well-educated man, a deep student of the Bible and fond of calling the people together in the school house where he read and expounded the Scripture. He owned the Ketchem Mills at Clarksburg, Massachusetts, and was a man of property. Nancy, his daughter, was also an earnest Methodist. John Sprague married (second) Mrs. ———— Bates. Children, all by first wife:

  1. Mahala, born in 1830, died at North Adams, Massachusetts, in 1900; married John Hanly, deceased at age of sixty-three years, leaving five children, all deceased except Harrison Hanley, of North Adams.
  2. Juliet, died at age of eighteen years.
  3. John Nelson, located on a farm in Sheridan, Michigan; buried in North Adams; married and had issue, all deceased except Herbert Sprague, connected with the Boston and Albany Railroad at North Adams.
  4. Harriet N., see forward.

(VII) Harriet N., youngest daughter and child of John (3) and Nancy (Ketchem) Sprague, was born in Williston, Vermont, July 28, 1836, and there reared and educated. She located in Albany, New York, about 1870, where she now resides on Second street in comfortable circumstances. She married and has a daughter, Mrs. Nelly Louise Winne, who is an inmate of her home and her devoted companion. Children of Eugene and Nelly Louise (Sprague) Winne:

  1. Nelson, died at age of thirty years.
  2. John Homer, manager of a photo supply house in Baltimore, Maryland; married Alma Clark of that city, and has a son, John Nelson Winne.

Mrs. Winne is a member of the Unitarian church.

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