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Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs:

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[This information is from Vol. IV, pp. 1453-1454 of Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs, edited by Cuyler Reynolds (New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1911). It is in the Reference collection of the Schenectady County Public Library at R 929.1 R45. Some of the formatting of the original, especially in lists of descendants, may have been altered slightly for ease of reading.]

The first of the Phelps family to appear in the Mohawk Valley was Oliver Phelps, born in Hartford county, Connecticut, where he grew to manhood and married Abigail Brown. He removed to New York state and settled on a farm in Montgomery county. He was a prosperous and prominent man. The site of his farm and burial place is now in the town of Johnstown, Fulton county.

(II) Chester, son of Oliver and Abigail (Brown) Phelps, was born June 15, 1792, died March 13, 1870. He inherited lands from his father to which he added other farms, becoming one of the largest general farmers in the county besides devoting special attention to fruit and dairy farming. He was a prominent member of the Methodist Episcopal church and a man of high character. Phelps street near Gloversville was at one time owned and occupied by thirteen families of the Phelps name. He married, June 28, 1816, Sally A. Powell, born March 4, 1796, died September 11, 1857. Children:

  1. Charles A., born August 22, 1817, died September 28, 1847.
  2. Gilbert, February 9, 1819, died November 16, 1900; married, September 30, 1845, Anna C. Van Nostrand;
    1. child, Margaret, married Charles D. Massey.
  3. Lucius A., March 20, 1821, died February 16, 1837.
  4. Eliza Ann, February 24, 1823, died October 12, 1908; married, June 10, 1847, Hart A. Massey, born April 27, 1819, died February 20, 1896; six children: Charles, George, Chester, Lillian, Walter Hart and Fred Victor.
  5. Sylvia Adelia, February 4, 1825, died November 3, 1901; married, October 7, 1845, Horace W. Porter; child,
    1. Mervin A., married Helen Frank and has Lottie Ann, married Arthur Adams.
  6. William Henry, October 8, 1827, died January 24, 1899; married, August 31, 1849, Louise Deming; children:
    1. Charles Edward, married Clara Wilcox;
    2. Albert, married Margaret Wells, whose daughter Brena married Charles Schoolcraft, also a son, Floyd;
    3. Nettie, married William Ballinger.
  7. George R., of whom further.
  8. Chester Powell, December 16, 1832; married Alice Brown; children:
    1. David, married Cora ————; children: Alice, Arthur and Floyd;
    2. Arthur.
  9. Sarah Jane, July 6, 1835, died April 29, 1890; married, January 18, 1860, Lehman Edwards.

(III) George Roswell, son of Chester and Sally A. (Powell) Phelps, was born in Johnstown, Fulton county, New York, June 2, 1830, died May 19, 1903. He was born and reared on the old homestead first settled by Oliver Phelps. He was educated in the public school, and always followed the occupation of agriculture. He succeeded his father in the ownership of the farm, which he converted into a veritable garden and orchard. He specialized in small fruits and berries, raising them in very large quantities, and continued the personal oversight of his farm until his death. In 1899 he purchased a city home in Gloversville and removed there, traveling back and forth each day to the farm. His heart was in his work and success came to him abundantly. He had business interests in Gloversville and always had a lively concern for the advancement and welfare of that city. He was a Prohibitionist in party principle and an out-spoken man on the subject of temperance. He married, March 17, 1858, Josephine Matilda Whitney, born April 18, 1838, daughter of Asa Hervey Whitney, born 1812, died May 1, 1846; married, September 1, 1836, Almira Matilda Wait, born February 8, 1815, died February 7, 1897. Asa H. Whitney was engaged in the lumber business but contracted consumption and died a young man. Children of George Roswell and Josephine M. Phelps:

  1. Inez Marian, born July 15, 1859, died June 10, 1887.
  2. William Edwin, born November 12, 1860; married (first) December 27, 1882, Emily Ann Banks, born December 9, 1860, died May 29, 1888; children:
    1. Jessie Marian, born July 6, 1885, married, December 25, 1908, Walter A. Deford and has William Phelps, born January 26, 1910;
    2. Harry Chester, June 24, 1887, died July 20, 1888.
    William Edwin married (second) April 6, 1898, Jane Munns, born November 9, 1862; child,
    1. Raymond Chester, born December 28, 1900.
  3. Warren Whitney, born August 23, 1863; married, August 30, 1884, Abbie Lansing, born September 21, 1867, died March 9, 1903; child,
    1. Florence Catherine, born May 31, 1895.
  4. Emma Belle, born December 28, 1865; married, February 15, 1884, Elmer J. Staley, born March 19, 1861, died February 20, 1900; child,
    1. Harold Phelps, born August 20, 1899.
  5. Lillian Almira, born January 11, 1870; married, April 7, 1899, John M. Smith, born February 1, 1869.
  6. Alma Leona, born October 26, 1877; married, September 15, 1910, Clifton Elliot Sanborn, born September 4, 1877.

Mrs. Josephine M. Phelps survives her husband, a resident of Gloversville, New York. Mr. and Mrs. Phelps were active members of First Methodist Episcopal church, in which Mr. Phelps was steward several years and Mrs. Phelps was active for over forty-five years in every department, in Sabbath school work as well as in church work.

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