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Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs:

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[This information is from Vol. II, pp. 760-762 of Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs, edited by Cuyler Reynolds (New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1911). It is in the Reference collection of the Schenectady County Public Library at R 929.1 R45. Some of the formatting of the original, especially in lists of descendants, may have been altered slightly for ease of reading.]

This is one of the surnames of English origin, derived from an office held, in this case that of falconer. The pursuit of falconry was of all open air sports the most aristocratic. So valuable was a good, well-trained falcon that it stood chief among royal gifts. The office of falconer was a most important one, and from it we get the surnames Falconer, Falconar, Faulkner, Folkner, Faulconer, Faulkener and Faulknor. The Faulknors of Amsterdam are of English ancestry, but when their immediate ancestor came to America the records do not show. The first of the name that can be definitely traced was of Connecticut, where he was born and grew to early manhood.

(I) Caleb Faulknor was born in Connecticut about 1760. He settled in the town of Minden, Montgomery county, New York, where he resided for several years, later locating in the town of Glen, on Schoharie creek, at a point known locally as Mill Point, where he established a fulling mill and manufactured cloth, conducting a successful business for several years. The date of his death is not known definitely. He was living, as was his wife, in 1824, as the following taken from the family Bible, done in his own handwriting, attests: "This Bible belongs to Daniel Faulknor after the death of his father and mother," signed "Caleb Faulknor 10 Nov. 1824." His wife was Martha Cheddle, born in Connecticut, where they were married. He lived several years after her death. Children:

  1. Joel, married Peggy Radley and had several children; one son, David H., is the only survivor; he resides in Amsterdam, New York.
  2. Thomas, settled in the west.
  3. Daniel, see forward.
  4. John, was twice married, and died in the state of Michigan at age of seventy.
  5. Betsey, married Henry Staurns; had sons, all now deceased.
  6. Polly, married Henry Van Schaick; she died January 27, 1871, in Glen, leaving sons, John and Benjamin.
  7. Sallie, married Jacob Van Horne; she died October 11, 1873, in the town of Florida, leaving a son, Joel Van Horne, now a resident of Amsterdam, New York.

(II) Joel Faulknor, son of Caleb Faulknor, was born in Connecticut, died September, 1853, aged about seventy. He was of English ancestry, and just about the time of his marriage removed to Montgomery county, New York, where he settled in the town of Glen. He purchased a farm on Schoharie creek with a mill site on which a grist mill was already erected. He cultivated the farm and operated the mill in conjunction for many years. He was known throughout the community as the "Honest Miller," which should go far towards establishing his character as a man of sterling integrity. He had little when he started there in 1800, but by his untiring industry accumulated a generous fortune for his day. He married (probably in Connecticut) Margaret (Peggy) Radley, who died in September, 1849. Both Mr. and Mrs. Faulknor were active members of the Reformed church. They had six children who grew to maturity:

  1. Mary (Polly), married William Rolland and had issue; both deceased.
  2. Susan, married James Buchanan, a lifelong resident of Glen; both deceased.
  3. Julia; wife of John Visscher, who lived and died in Glen.
  4. James J., see forward.
  5. David C., resident of Amsterdam.
  6. Martha, married Seth Conover; both deceased.

(III) James J., son of Joel and Margaret Faulknor, was born in the town of Glen, Montgomery county, New York, September 27, 1822, died April 15, 1886. He was educated in the public schools, and worked in the mill and on the farm. He was a young man at the time of his father's death, but so well versed in the business that he continued it in partnership with his brother, David C. They continued for several years together, then divided the property, David C. taking the farm and James J. the mill property. He conducted the mill for a great many years very successfully, becoming a wealthy and influential citizen of the town. He was a supporter of all good objects and freely gave his means and influence in furthering all worthy public enterprises. He was a director in the First National Bank of Amsterdam, New York. His character was above reproach, and the town of Glen profited by the influence of the Faulknors, both of the first and second generation. James J. Faulknor married in the town of Florida, Susanna Blood, born October 22, 1824, died in Amsterdam, March 13, 1892. Children:

  1. Mary Elizabeth, born December 31, 1844; educated in Schenectady; now resides in Amsterdam, in comfortable surroundings and in keeping with her gentle Christian character; she has been a resident of Amsterdam twenty-two years and is well known for her interest in church work, as well as for her charming social qualities; she is a member of the Presbyterian congregation; she never married.
  2. Joel Scott, May 24, 1847; a dealer in real estate, conducting business in Amsterdam; married Julia A Herrick.
  3. Josephine, June 29, 1849; married Benjamin S. Martin and has one child, Grace E.; they reside in Amsterdam.
  4. Lutitia P., June 11, 1854, died May 15, 1866; married Robert A. McDuffie, and was the mother of Maude S., Lutitia C. and Walter S. McDuffie.

(The Blood Line)

Robert Blood was born in Ireland. He came to America prior to the revolution. Little is known of him further than that he lived in Schenectady, New York, and was the friend of Sir William Johnson, whose former mansion on the banks of the Mohawk is now the home of the County Historical Society.

(II) Robert (2) Blood was son of Robert (1) Blood. His birthplace is in dispute, but the greater probability is that he was born at about the time of his father's emigration to America, which would make it about 1775, either in Ireland or Schenectady, New York. He died in 1860 at Duanesburg, New York. When a young man he was employed in a hotel at Schenectady, where he fell in love with and married the landlord's daughter, Mary Simmons. She died in Duanesburg, 1862, being then eighty years of age. They were the parents of nineteen children, thirteen of whom grew to maturity.

(III) Reuben, son of Robert (2) and Mary (Simmons) Blood, was born in the town of Florida, August 19, 1800, died December 27, 1871. Being of an independent spirit, he left home on coming of age, and worked on a farm until he had saved enough to purchase one for himself. He was an excellent farmer and developed his property until it became one of the best farms in the town of Florida. He was very successful, and the ownership of his beautiful farm and home was the realization of his boyhood dreams. He married in Florida, February 12, 1824, Maria Devenpeck, born there 1802, died May 1, 1881. She was of Dutch ancestry, her family having been for many years resident in the Mohawk Valley. Reuben Blood and wife were members for many years of the Dutch Reformed church and known for their upright Christian lives. Children, all born in town of Florida:

  1. Susanna, wife of James J. Faulknor, and mother of Mary E. Faulknor.
  2. Robert, a farmer and later a cigar manufacturer of Amsterdam; married Jane Wood, who survives him.
  3. John D., a broom manufacturer of Amsterdam, where he married Mary C. Post; both deceased.
  4. James, born July 6, 1837; a knit goods manufacturer of Amsterdam and one of that city's best-known citizens; married (first) Henrietta Schuyler, born 1839, died in 1888; (second) Harriet Schuyler, born 1839.
  5. Daniel, April 23, 1839; a successful broom manufacturer of Amsterdam; married Elizabeth Herrick.

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