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Baseball Advertising Trade Cards 3rd edition

by Frank Keetz

[This information is from Baseball Advertising Trade Cards 3rd edition, copyright 2011 by Frank Keetz and is reproduced here with his permission. No part of this material may be reproduced for commercial purposes without the written consent of the author.]

The Catcher baseball advertising card

Casey at the Bat Metropolitan Life Insurance Company baseball advertising card

Table of Contents
Advertising Trade Cards — What Are They?3
Baseball and Trade Cards6
Baseball During the Late 19th Century7
Identification Numbers and Titles9
Advertising Trade Card Sources of Information9
Index of Sets10
Checklist of Sets11
Baseball and Race20
Baseball in 1878 — Different Rules24
"Called Out by the Great Umpire"28
Catching Equipment33
Kill the Umpire!35
The "Cadillac" Set — 10 Players50
Checklist of Single Cards with Titles70
Checklist of Single Cards without Titles89
Casey at the Bat Great American Importing Tea Company baseball advertising card

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